Our Philosophy

The key to increasing civic engagement is ensuring people understand the relationship between community and individuals and consciously accept their role and responsibility in the relationship.

How we do it

  • Partner with professional researchers to research the impact of art and community engagement on individuals and communities

  • Build working relationships with community-based organizations, and citywide institutions

  • Building meaningful relationships with people by door to door, living room to living room, corner to corner community organizing

  • Recruit volunteers and volunteers and more volunteers

  • Provide workshops, training, and programmatic support for community based organizations and institutions in the areas of community organizing, youth leadership development, project management, and community engagement

  • Use publishing as a tool to increase resident voice and inform public policies

  • Through the implementation of youth leadership programs that have proven track records of increasing student involvement in schools and community over the long-term

  • Implementing out of school literary arts programs for youth to support their emotional, social, and cognitive development